I'm from from London, and I'm obsessed with street and geek culture.

I grew up playing SNES, then PC games. Overclocking CPUs, reading comics and manga, and downloading anime on BitTorrent.

I copied drawings of my favourite characters and began to experiment with creating work digitally.

Then, in the early 2000s, I discovered hip-hop and spent the following years on a graffiti writing adventure...

In 2009, I launched The London Vandal - an online journal where I shared my observations from within the underground community.

I collabed with local and international graff writers to design printed items for a few collectors in the scene.

Six years later, in 2015, I stepped away from curating the graff scene and powered down The London Vandal's servers, taking the archive offline.

Like the graffiti itself, the record was transient.

But graffiti and streetart had put me on a path of creativity and there was no turning back.

Drawing from art and culture that inspire me, I now work digitally, as well as with spray paint and traditional materials.

I share my work and connect with others at pop-up events and on Instagram.

I occasionally collaborate with friends in the London creative scene to create work to accompany their projects.

I also (poorly) maintain a motivational rap music playlist on Spotify.

Contact me here, otherwise email keegan@bykeegan.com or just DM on Insta.