Yo! I'm KEEGAN, a digital creative from London.

Origin Story

I grew up playing SNES and PC games. Hacking any system I could get my hands on. Overclocking CPUs 'til they smoked.

Lurking in comic shops. Digging the crates for niche American comics and imported Japanese manga. Sharing anime fan-subs on IRC and BitTorrent.

Meticulously copying drawings of my favourite characters and beginning to experiment with Photoshop. Creating my first digital work.

Graffiti Adventure

Then, in the mid-2000s, I discovered the hip-hop subculture and spent the following years on a graffiti writing adventure that took over my life for the next decade...

By 2009, I had launched The London Vandal - an underground online journal where I shared my observations of the scene.

I was blessed to link up with local and international graff writers to create original and authentic content and design printed items for a few collectors in the community.

In 2015, six years after launching the zine, I stepped away from curating the graff scene.

Like a burner on a wall, the lifestyle couldn't last forever. Internet surveillance was coming in fast and the digital record had to be scrubbed.

I powered down The London Vandal's server, taking the archive offline. Then, during the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2016, most of the backup was lost for good. 

But graffiti and street-art had introduced me to a diverse world of talented artists and I vowed to one day join their ranks.

Present Day

Drawing from a rich variety of work that inspires me, I now work digitally, as well as with spray paint and traditional materials.

I share my work and connect with kool people at pop-up events and on Instagram.

I also (poorly) maintain a motivational rap music playlist on Spotify.

Contact me here, otherwise email keegan@bykeegan.com or just DM on Insta.